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If you could make money any way you wanted, what would it look like? If it involves relaxing from home while playing fun games, you’re in luck! Minutes To Win It is the number one source of internet sweepstakes games. The best part is, you win REAL cash! Check out how you can start earning cash from the comfort of your own home with these easy steps.

How To: Start Playing and Winning Instantly!

To make it as simple for you to start playing internet sweepstakes games as possible, we’ve broken the steps down for you:

1. Secure an account.

This step is easy! Simply click the “Create Account” button on our homepage. From there, you’ll fill out the form with as accurate of information as you can. Be sure to choose a username and password that will be easily recalled, as you do not want to be locked out of your account!

2. Purchase a Long Distance Telephone Card

Here, you will click the “Buy Now” button beneath the “Buy Phone Cards” headline. Fill out the information as accurately as you can. The terms and conditions for long-distance time are as follows:

For Calls to the United States: Each dollar purchased, the user will receive 10 minutes of long-distance phone time within the United States.
For Calls to Mexico: $1 card provides 5 minutes, $5 card provides 10 minutes, $10 card provides 15 minutes, $20 card provides 20 minutes.
The telephone cards expire after 60 days from the date of purchase.

3. Start Playing!

Playing our internet sweepstakes games is simple and fun! There’s no need to scour the internet searching for your favorite internet sweepstakes games because they’re all accessible to you on our Minutes To Win It website! To learn more about how to begin winning bit with Minutes To Win It, visit our website!