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Do you live in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, or Virginia? If so, you could be signing up to play internet sweepstakes at home with Minutes To Win It for fast cash! If you want to play sweepstakes online for money, then check out Minutes To Win It now to get started! Minutes To Win It is your source to play over 90 of the best internet online games.

I’m in! How do I start?

Start the online gaming process by creating an account on the homepage where you should create a username and password to sign in to each time you’d like to win some cash. From there you can purchase our ace phone card here which is what allows you to keep track of your winnings. Minutes To Win It also provides an unlimited list of promo codes to help you get started for free today to play internet sweepstakes at home. Once your account is set up, be sure to click the “GO TO SWEEPSTAKES,” button to find our 90+ games to play. Then you are ready to start playing and winning big!

In order to redeem your winning points, you must do so on the Minutes To Win It homepage. When submitting winning internet sweepstakes cafe games points, the payment to you will be provided is at the rate of 100 points = $1.00. With Minutes To Win It, the possibility of winning is endless!

Great! Is there anything else I should know?

Each ace phone card that you purchase for Minutes To Win It will provide you with a pin number, be sure to keep this information! You can make long-distance calls from countries such as Mexico if you happen to be traveling and want to play sweepstakes online away from home. Lastly, when purchasing, be sure to use a credit card or PayPal account! Otherwise, you are all set to play internet sweepstakes at home with Minutes To Win It! Good luck!