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If you love to play sweepstakes online for money, Minutes To Win It is perfect for you. All you have to do is purchase an ace phone card, then you are eligible for internet sweepstakes Alaska. We have tons of internet sweepstakes to offer, so don’t miss out! Get started to play sweepstakes online for money today! You can play for free and win real cash prizes by playing online sweepstakes for money. If you are in Alaska and want to start winning sweepstakes in the comfort of your own home, Minutes To Win It has a wide variety of online sweepstakes, where you can play to earn fast money in Alaska.

How to Earn Fast Money in Alaska

Create an account online by registering on our homepage.
Purchase a long-distance telephone card.
Find out your pin numbers and the total value of the card.
Read the terms and conditions for long-distance time.
Purchase phone cards by using your credit card or PayPal.
Read the returns and cancellation policies on our rules page.
Read the privacy policy located on the rules page.
Make sure your account information is accurate.
Begin to play sweepstakes online for money!
Make sure you are aware that you can receive more sweepstakes entries.
Redeem your winnings on the homepage.

If you want to earn fast money in Alaska, join Minutes To Win It now! For a limited time, we are offering all players free access to play online sweepstakes for money with code: BASS. Start earning money in real-time from the comfort of your home. Please visit our website to learn more!

If you have any questions regarding the signup process or gameplay head on over to our rules page for answers!

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