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If you haven’t been playing Minutes To Win It, you are missing out! Minutes To Win It is the best online sweepstakes gaming Kentucky has to offer. Minutes To Win It is an online gaming website that allows you to play free internet sweepstakes games to earn free money. That’s right, free money! And the best part about it is you can play it wherever you want, whenever you want. For online gamers, Minutes to Win It is the place to go for online sweepstakes in Kentucky.

How Does Minutes To Win It Work?

To begin playing Minutes To Win It, you must first register on the homepage by creating a username and password. Next, purchase a long-distance telephone card using PayPal, a credit/debit card, prepaid credit cards, or Visa gift cards. In the United States, $1 will get you 10 minutes of phone time. Once a telephone card is purchased, you will receive instant free sweepstakes entries. Your long-distance telephone time, through the use of the PIN number sent to your online account, is instantly available upon successful completion of payment. Once your purchase is approved, click on the GO TO SWEEPSTAKES button which will take you to the games. But remember you have to be logged in with your user and password. Now you are ready to play free internet sweepstakes using online sweepstakes gaming Kentucky!

To redeem your winning points click the Redeem button on the home page. When submitting winning sweepstake points, the payment to you will be provided at the rate of 100 points = $1.00. So what are you waiting for? Buy some calling cards and start playing Minutes to Win It, today.

Minutes To Win It Kentucky

Playing free online sweepstakes games in Kentucky has never been so easy and fun. Visit Minutes To Win It now to get started for free!