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Do you ever wonder how some people have all that extra cash? Well, they probably play sweepstakes online for money using games such as “Minutes to Win It.” In fact, you could be one of the lucky few that can earn real money prizes by simply playing our online games. We actually have over 90 sweepstakes games to choose from! So, of course, you will never be bored and you are bound to find one that you enjoy.

Plus if you have family abroad that you call often, you might as well try to make some easy money out of it. How, you might ask? Well, all you have to do is buy any one of our “Ace Reveal” long-distance calling cards. Once you buy our ace phone card, there is a unique pin that will automatically be transferred into your account after you register it. Then you can use the rewards obtained through that purchase to play sweepstakes online for money using any of our online games!


Some things to keep in mind:

If you are calling to Mexico:

$1 card will get you 5 minutes

$5 card will get you 10 minutes

$10 card will get you 15 minutes

$20 card will get you 20 minutes


If you are making calls in the United States, for every dollar that you spend you will receive an extra 10 minutes for calls within the United States.